Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd despite being called Australian originated in the Basque region of Spain and the  USA developed the breed.  They were originally  a herding dog however as long as his family are prepared to channel his energy and intellegence into activities to keep his mind and body active they make wonderful companions.   They are extremely easy to train and love to please. They make great obedience and agility dogs.  They have loads of energy and hence they need plenty of exercise.  They have an active mind and can be trained to do many jobs like helping around the house bringing things to you on command.  Their owner must be prepared to be mind challenged or face a bored dog that can entertain themselves in ways that may not be acceptable to their owners.  They are a loyal companiion who can be protective of home and family but aloof with strangers.  Australian Shepherds by nature are stand offish with people they don't know.  Unless they are exposed to strangers from early puppyhood they can become fearful so if an Aussie is the breed for you training as puppies is essential.  They need to be exposed to different enviroments as young ones to polish social skills.




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